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Pigskin Predictions

For the second straight week I went 11-5 putting my total at 22-10 in picks. What shall I choose this week?

The New England Patriots play at home Sunday at 1 p.m. against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Patriots have looked terrible. The Bucs are not good either. I will take the home team to go to 3-0.

New England 28, Tampa Bay 13

The New York Giants play the Carolina Panthers away at 1 p.m. Neither team looks good. I’m taking the Giants because they should win eventually. It will be a close game as Cam Newton will make things difficult for the Giants defense.

New York 30, Carolina 28

The New York Jets are home against the Bills for a 4 p.m. game. Both teams are 1-1. The Bills have played better so far this season so I am giving them the edge.

Buffalo 28, New York 27

Other Games

Green Bay 34, Cincinnati 28 – I like the Packers a lot.

St. Louis 24, Dallas 20 – I’m not sold on the Cowboys

Tennessee 21, San Diego 20 – Going with the home team

Cleveland 17, Minnesota 14 – Someone has to win

New Orleans 38, St. Louis 21 – Liking the Saints at home

Washington 34, Detroit 24 – Could be anyone’s game

Baltimore 21, Tennessee 20 – Baltimore is the better team

Atlanta 28, Miami, 23 – Does anyone really believe Miami can be 3-0.

San Francisco 24, Indianapolis 21 – 49ers are home and will win

Seahawks 24, Jaguars 6 – Blow-out of the week

Chicago 23, Pittsburgh 13 – What is happening to the Steelers?

Denver 38, Oakland 30 – A great Monday night game.

Top 5

1. Denver

2. Houston

3. San Francisco

4. Green Bay

5.         Seattle