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Editor’s Note 9/13/2013

Don’t you just love the power of the press? In the Mayor’s offices efforts to prove me wrong I can accomplish anything. Be prepared in the next few months that whenever I write an opinion about a city agreement or project, this administration will change their previous decision to save their skins.

Several decisions have been reversed already.

In the next two months there will probably be a lot of underhanded mudslinging as well. Already Democratic leaders have accused me of conspiring with the Republicans and threatened to file complaints.

I am an independent newspaper and can write my opinion. I have no need to conspire with anyone. First, they claimed I was conspiring with the landlords. Now, it’s the Republicans. Who next, aliens? There is no conspiracy. I only write the truth as I see it.

I advise you to watch the Candidate debates coming in the near future. I hear there will be more than one and maybe as many as three. I really thought about sponsoring one, but I knew Mayor Tim O’Brien would be too afraid to show up and answer the hard questions.

I am waiting to see what they accuse Erin Stewart of doing. I believe they will try to use her age and the fact that her father is Tim Stewart against her. I believe those are both positives as her youth will give the City a new bounce in it’s step and her father’s experience and guidance will help her. If you know Ms. Stewart she has a mind of her own. She is not her father.

I think City officials should concentrate on doing what is best for New Britain as they were elected to do and stop the political games.

Our cartoon this week features Mr. O’Brien’s accomplishments as our state representative. Or lack of accomplishments.

Are you going to Oktoberfest this weekend? I doubt I will go because I am not a drinker and $10 for a beer is a lot of money. I wish it success and hope it is trouble free for everyone. It’s just not for me.

I am looking forward to the car show next weekend. It’s a free event for the entire family.

Time for a quick laugh.

“Middle age is when you are sitting at home on a Saturday night and the phone rings. And you hope it’s not for you.”

At least that is true if you still have a landline.

Until next week answer your phone and keep reading New Britain’s Most Trusted Newspaper!