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Games are nearing the end of the season and the Yankees are no longer winning like they should. For a little while there was some hope. It seems to be dwindling.

Derek Jeter returned (again). He looked okay going 0 for 3 in his first game, but his return does not seem to be enough. There are about 30 games left and the Bombers are 4 ½ games back with 3 teams to jump over.

And, I can’t help but wonder, how many years left does Jeter have? He is 39. To me that means 1 more year. I’ve heard some people say this is his last. He is now injury prone.

Jeter’s injuries this year began when he strained his quad breaking from the batter’s box in his third at-bat of his first game for the Yankees after having missed the first 91 games of the season following an ankle break. After coming off the disabled list, he played against the Rays on July 28, and homered on the first pitch he saw, but later complained of pain in his calf. He traveled to the West Coast with the Yankees and played in three more games before being sent back to the disabled list with the calf strain. Jeter is the oldest starting shortstop in baseball.

It certainly will be difficult one day to watch a full season knowing the captain will not return.

If Alex Rodriguez does not return next year, it will not be the same thing. He is not the face of the Yankees. In fact, most Yankee fans don’t like him. Instead we tolerate him.

Looking ahead to next year also could also mean no Andy Petitte and no Hiroki Kuroda. Both are free agents although Petitte could once again retire.

Robinson Cano is a free agent as well and Mariano Rivera is definitely retiring.

Who knows if Alfonso Soriano, Ichiro Suzuki or Vernon Wells will be here?

There is no doubt this team will look different in 2014.

Still it goes without saying the biggest concern for Yankee fans is Jeter.