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Editor’s Note 8/30/2013

I thought a lot about changes in New Britain this past week. How we need to do things to make it better. It occurred to me a change of mayor is not all that is needed.

If we don’t get a more diverse common council, change will be difficult.

To me, that means come November residents really need to research who they are voting for. Do you want the same old thoughts and ideas or something new? Change may begin in the mayor’s office, but getting things accomplished is going to be a challenge.

Come October we will be printing profiles for board of education, common council and mayor. Please take a careful look at who is running. Then decide on whom you really want representing us. It’s up to residents to put New Britain in a new direction.

I have been informed by a source this week that Mayor Tim O’Brien’s office is once again considering selling our water department. Not sure if it really will happen, but I want to make you all aware of the possibility.

If money continues to get wasted on new hirings in the mayor’s office, paying for political favors to friends and bonding continues to be out of control, selling the water department may be forced upon us as the only way out. Water is such an important resource. I would hate to see us lose it and prices go so high that residents can’t afford it. Water seems so basic yet it is a necessity. I can’t imagine paying for it each month like electricity. What a disaster that would be.

Have you paid your taxes yet? I sure hope so as they were due Aug. 1. Another bill that is way too high.

I’ve heard a few suggestions this week that Oktoberfest should be moved to Falcon’s Field. I’m not sure how that would work. I want to see how it turns out this year before judging. Berlin has their Oktoberfest at the Berlin Fairgrounds that same weekend. It is only on Saturday though. I’m wondering if we really need 3 days for the event.

Are you ready for back to school? Summer goes so fast. At least football begins soon. What? I can see some of you shaking your heads.

A friend sent me some wild newspaper headlines this week. Great for my joke section.

1. Police Begin Campaign to Run Down Jaywalkers – Now that’s taking things a bit far!

2. Panda Mating Fails; Veterinarian Takes Over – What a guy!

3. Miners Refuse to Work after Death – Good-for-nothing lazy so-and-so’s!

5. Red Tape Holds Up New Bridges – You mean there’s something stronger than duct tape?

Glad I didn’t run any of those in this paper.

Until next week, watch what you write and keep reading YOUR Most Trusted New Britain Newspaper!