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Follow the Rules

For months the New Britain City Journal has been writing about residents disliking robocalls. People feel getting too many calls is like crying wolf.

Mayor Tim O’Brien refused to listen. This week a complaint was filed against him that hopefully will stop these unnecessary phone calls.

No one is against emergency phone calls. One would have been helpful this past weekend informing Corbin Ave. residents about the 3-day water break problem. None occurred.

Instead one was made about an event happening Saturday. It seems Mr. O’Brien only wants to talk to people about pleasant issues.

The call in question, not only was an unnecessary call, but according to the complainant, it was a violation of state election laws by being made within 3 months of an election.

Candidates are supposed to be on an even playing field. Because one is the mayor does not mean he can use City funds to put his name out there.

The really hypocritical thing is Mr. O’Brien should have or did know this, as the state elections commission law was approved when he was a state representative. Either he conveniently forgot, or didn’t care.

Does this mean robocalls will stop coming? If Mr. O’Brien believes he can get away with it, I doubt it. After a phone call is made, you can’t take it back – meaning his message and name is out there to the people.

Why should he worry about a little money after he has wasted over $130,000 (that we know of) of City taxpayers’ money paying off friends?

The New Britain City Journal is tired of writing all the improprieties of Mr. O’Brien. Isn’t it time Mr. O’Brien took hold of himself and his office and stop the illegal and immoral behaviors?