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NB Historical Society to Hold Fundraiser Sept. 6

If you are interested in helping to support the New Britain Historical Society gain a new building somewhere in our City and have a fun night out, there is a fundraiser just for you.

On Sept. 6 the historical society is presenting “Rock Around the Clock: New Britain and the 1950s” at Miss Washington Diner, 10 Washington St. from 4-9 p.m.

“For a long time I wanted to work with Miss Washington Diner,” said Amy Kirby, president of the society. “I think the diner is one of the most kichiest cool places in New Britain. It is so iconic. I’ve been in love with it from the first day I saw it.”

Kirby and Dan Czako, Miss Washington Diner owner, wanted to collaborate on an event.

“Dan thought this idea was just awesome,” said Kirby.

It will be a night of entertainment, dancing, food (hamburgers and milkshakes) and some 1950 cars. A DJ will provide music of the era.

“People can just hang out if they want,” said Kirby.

In honor of the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War, actors will be portraying local veterans of this era. It is an alcohol free event and Korean War veterans get special priced tickets.

The Veterans History Project from Central Connecticut State University, are giving goodie bags and more for Korean War veterans.

“I really wanted to make them part of it,” said Kirby. “We want to focus on what was happening in the 1950s and that included the Korean War.”

This appears to be the only event honoring our veterans.

“There really isn’t much going on in New Britain to recognize New Britain Korean War veterans,” said Kirby. “I’m working with Hannah (Hurwitz) from Community Central to see what we can pull together.”

Tickets are $20 and there are several ways they can be purchased. The group would like people to buy them in advance at (additional $2.09 service charge), but tickets will be available that night until food runs out.

The $20 will go towards food, music and other expenses,

Donations to help Korean War Veterans get a ticket can be made to the New Britain Historical Society, PO Box 2761, New Britain, CT 06050.

For more information call 860-249-3314.