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SaveNewBritain Group Helps Homeowners with Repairs

Whether you are elderly, disabled or low income, residents around New Britain have been relying on Rebuilding Together New Britain to help with home assistance in a variety of ways.

Last week SaveNewBritain members were among those helping a local homeowner on Harding Street clean up her yard.

“We contacted Kathy Brummett, (Executive Director) of Rebuilding Together New Britain, and said if you ever have small jobs that we can help out with, let us know,” said Zeena Tawfik of SaveNewBritain. “With this one, another group came in and cleaned out the yard, but it was too much to do in one day. They contacted us to help out.”

The homeowner does a lot, but trimming trees using ladders etc., are often difficult. Fence repair is another item this home owner may need.

“Rebuilding Together has funding so next year she can apply again to be part of it and then fix up the fence,” said Tawfik.

“They are terrific,” said the property owner. “It’s great to meet new people and connect on some level too. It’s very generous because I gave up on doing this.”

The homeowner said she does a lot, but she can’t do as much as she has when she was younger.

Rebuilding Together New Britain accepts applications for Summer and Fall projects from low-income New Britain Homeowners in need of assistance with home repairs.

To qualify, low-income homeowners must own and live in their New Britain home, meet financial and other requirements, and be elderly, disabled or raising children. Services are performed by volunteer groups from throughout the region, and often include painting, yard work, cleaning, and basic plumbing, electrical, and carpentry repairs, as well as installation of grab bars and other simple modifications designed to allow seniors to age safely in place. Rebuilding Together affiliates restore hope and memories in communities as numerous rehabilitations occur to create high-impact momentum for the rest of the year.

For an application, more information and to find out if you qualify, call Rebuilding Together New Britain at 860-832-4389 or visit us at

Since 1992, Rebuilding Together New Britain volunteers have helped over 500 low-income homeowners with home maintenance and repairs. If you would like to become a sponsor, make a financial donation or learn more about group volunteer opportunities, please contact Rebuilding Together at the number above.

SaveNewBritain’s aim is to organize, inform, and revitalize the city of New Britain community. Advocating for, and providing the foundation and necessary tools for a more involved community. In turn a better, more healthy New Britain.

Its vision is to be a foundation for a stronger city functionally as well as economically. Creating a higher standard of life for the people by the people. Exercising rights as citizens to petition elected officials. Enabling more sound decision making and supporting individuals ready to lead the city.

The SaveNewBritain mission is to foster a sense of belonging and pride in the rich culture and heritage which the people of this city can offer to their families, their city, and country.

According to the website, “Together as a community we have the potential for a brighter more fulfilling future. An undivided community can achieve anything and make a difference. With conscious, deliberate actions, we will realize and accomplish goals, if not for ourselves, then for our children and our children’s children.”