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New Position Created

Sources say the Mayor’s Office has created yet another new position in “Event Coordinator” for the City.

Matt Dabrowski, who organized the Polish Festival on Broad St. is expected to be named to the position. Dabrowski is also running for Alderman as a Democrat.

Sources told the New Britain City Journal that Dabrowski was planning to run for Alderman on the Republican ticket before he was promised this job.

“I hope to bring the success of the Little Poland Festival to other events and put New Britain on the map as a destination spot incorporating the city’s rich cultures and highlighting many of its landmarks and plentiful history,” said Dabrowski.

This is the third position the mayor created during a hiring freeze which followed a consolidation in which many City jobs were eliminated. Mayor Tim O’Brien named the position of communications director (previously held by Phil Sherwood) after he was elected in November of 2010 and in April of 2012 promoted him to deputy chief of staff at a cost of $60,000.

O’Brien also hired a Community Organizer in Briggette Brown at a cost of $47,000.

Those two new positions alone equal $107,000. Details of Dabrowski’s pay have not yet been released.

The City’s mill rate this fiscal year was raised from 36.63 to 44.12. Taxes rose on all vehicles, businesses and many homes.

No date has been told as to when Dabrowski will begin or has a set of his objectives been released.

Dabrowski refused further comment and officials have a gag order on this paper.

According to sources, no posting for the position took place.