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Editor’s Note 8/2/2013

Did you see how much we have bonded? I am frustrated to be part of New Britain right now. It is going to take 35 years for us to recover. This administration put us back so far, I am truly worried about going bankrupt.

Couldn’t we have postponed bonding something for another year? Bonding books is unprecedented, but if we didn’t bond $55 million in other items, it wouldn’t have been as big a deal to people.

Residents are moving out of town everywhere I look. It is very upsetting. Homes around us are increasing in value. But, not in New Britain.

And the lack of business growth is incredible. Where are the Dunkin’ Donuts and ice cream store promised us at the police department? My sources say both of those may fall through thanks to our illustrious mayor. Since officials have a gag order on this paper, I would like to challenge another paper in our City and ask the mayor about those 2 businesses. And if they do, I hope they research it thoroughly and not just take the word of the mayor or his mouthpiece.

I think I’m done with my rantings for the week. I just care too much about this City to see it fall like it has.

If you went to the third Anniversary of the Polish American Happy Hour, you sure had fun. It was outstanding. It is truly one of the great things we have in this City. Thank you Jacek Mikolajczyk!

If you love Puerto Rican food, be sure to read about Criollisomo on page 3. I have lunch there as often as I can.

We had more letters to the editor than I could fit this week. Please keep sending them. If I need to, I will give them more space. There is no news more important than resident’s opinions. You are New Britain and we are your newspaper.

Have you been watching our poll at The question is “Who will you vote for as Mayor?” Erin Stewart leads with over 57 percent. Tim O’Brien has almost 36 percent. Very interesting. Please vote today. You may only vote once.

Because of the slow summer our paper is kind of on the light side. Don’t worry more will happen soon.

If you are a realtor call me at 860-505-7612 or email me at as we will be running a “Real Estate Connections” ad page in August. Deadline is August 12. You will want your ad in this edition and prices are reasonable.

So what cute joke did I find? One that reminds me of a saying my mother used to tell me as a kid. Not in this way though.

“An apple a day will keep anyone away. If you throw it hard enough that is.”

LOL. I am not endorsing violence in any way.

Until next week watch for apples and keep reading YOUR Most Trusted New Britain Newspaper!