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So the All-Star break is over and nothing has seemed to change for the Yankees; More injuries and more losses.

At press time, the big talk is around acquiring or should I say re-acquiring Alfonso Soriano. Soriano became a Yankee in 1999 and was basically traded for Alex Rodriguez in 2004.

Both have had some good years since then, but was the trade really worth the loss of Soriano? A-Rod has not always been a star for the Bronx Bombers and has sometimes caused more trouble than he is worth.

Soriano may not be what he once was either, but I am hoping he will bring in a new spark. I was disappointed to see him leave. I believed one day he would return. It did take a lot longer than I anticipated.

He has hit 17 home runs and is batting .256. (Only Robinson Cano has more RBI’s of Yankee players) Last year he hit 32 home runs. The Yankees really need some pop in their bats. When was the last time we hit a home run?

Soriano is 37 years old. It is certainly not the first time this team has grabbed an older player. I still wish we had Raul Ibanez. Ibanez has 24 home runs.

Everyone yells that we should go after younger guys. That is true, but who is anyone willing to trade? I think Soriano is a good addition.

A good trade for Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain are also rumored. I’m not a fan of either right now, but if they could bring us a few players that would be good. Presently, the Yankees are made up of a lot of AAA players. How we have a winning record is beyond me.

I’m not sure where I think the Yankees are going the rest of the season. The last few weeks it looks like they are sinking. But, I learned many years ago not to give up on the Yankees.

A few good trades and we could be back in the thick of things. We can hope so anyways.