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Editor’s Note 7/26/2013

Did you miss us last week? The paper was on vacation, but we are glad to be back.

Summer can be a slow time. I like July, but August seems to drag for me.

I’m not especially fond of heat waves either. I hear last week was a killer in New Britain. Glad I was near a beach. I hope the weather stays in the 80s for a while.

This week we write a little bit about the election as candidates were selected. I was not in town, but appreciated the information from candidates. Erin Stewart graciously gave me a copy of her speech. It helps a lot when candidates are cooperative.

We really need to stop the divisiveness in this City. So far Erin seems to want that too. It’s refreshing to hear.

Did you take a look at who is running? I found a few things interesting. Several Democratic candidates that ran as Republicans last year are now running as Democrats. People say it’s easier to win as a Democrat because residents just vote the party. I am willing to bet that is why they changed sides.

But, there were Democrats, Independents and a Libertarian on the Republican ticket as well. Some of them are excellent candidates. A lot of new and interesting people support Erin Stewart.

I hope when Nov. 5 rolls around people really look at WHO they are voting for instead of a PARTY. A person should win based on their abilities and not because they belong to a specific party. That way of thinking is what put New Britain in the bad situation it is in.

I know so far I like a few from each party. I will definitely vote for the person regardless of if they have an ‘R’, ‘D’, ‘I’ or ‘L’ next to their name. If you want change you must know who you are voting for and not just vote the same old routine candidates.

We will have more on the candidates as time goes on.

Please continue to send me your letters to the editor. I will print them regardless of who you endorse. People really learn by reading them.

It’s everyone’s favorite time. Time for a joke from Facebook.

“I hope they never find life on any other planet because as sure as can be, our government will start sending them money.”

It seems government always has money for everyone, except for those who really need it. Let’s keep some of it in the United States.

Until next week, watch where the money goes and keep reading YOUR #1 Most Trusted New Britain Newspaper!