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Two New School Principals Named by BOE

During a special meeting Monday night the Board of Education named new principals for Northend Elementary School and DiLoreto Magnet School.

The district is hiring Alejandro Ortiz, Jr. of Waterbury as the new principal at DiLoreto. Ortiz has several years of experience as an administrator with Bridgeport Public Schools.

“We are happy to produce an outstanding candidate,” said Paul Salina, assistant superintendent. “His work as an administrator has spanned 14 years.”

Salina said he helped to transform low performing schools and developed instructional and developmental support.

Sharon Beloin Saavedra, school board president, said the committees had gone through the process twice without finding a suitable principal and was happy that when Ortiz walked into the room he gave a terrific interview.

“We have a great concern for DiLoreto as it is part of the commissioner’s network,” said Saavedra. “We needed someone who would cooperatively work with the state to turn that dynamic around. We have high expectations.”

New Britain will receive over $1 million in state funds to help transition DiLoreto School.

“I’m really honored to be here and really excited about this move,” said Ortiz. “School transformation really is my passion. To go into a school that is need of that kind of support to help kids move forward, I’m really excited about.”

The district also hired Dr. Nicole Sanders as principal of Northend Elementary School. Sanders has served as an assistant principal and math instructional coach in New Haven. Sanders recently resigned from her position as a member of the New Britain Board of Education.

“Dr. Sanders impressed both interview committees with her preparedness and passion for this new position,” said Sharon Locke, chief academic officer. “She came with a new transition plan ready to go.”

Locke said Sanders brings a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record.

“She expressed a great deal of excitement about working in the community,” said Locke.

“I speak on behalf of all the board when I welcome Ms. Sanders as a member of the administrative team,” said Saavedra. “We’ve spent a lot of time and effort to seek the right matches for our schools.”

Sanders is a New Britain resident.

“I look forward to all of the hard work and long hours I will definitely put in to make sure our kids meet with lots of success,” said Sanders. “To ensure our kids meet with success is by choosing the right adult and adult actions in making New Britain the premier district that I am glad to be part of. I am going to be a part of something great.”

Sanders began her position on Tuesday.