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Community Central Holds First Summer Camp

The Dream Big Summer Program arranged by Community Central began its first year on June 24.

“This is our first summer where we have a lot going on such as the summer program,” said Hannah Hurwitz, assistant director of community engagement. “We are trying to be a resource for everyone to do a bit of everything. Our goal is to help people do what they want to at any age.”

The summer program will last until Aug. 2 and it is geared for middle school students who will be entering grade 8 through those aged 16.

It is based on 5 different activities – two in the morning and three in the afternoon.

The first one is Media Literacy. Students learn how to use a video camera and other social media. It is run by Dwayne Pierre, who is starting his own non-profit for youth media literacy organization.

“He is a graduate of CCSU (Central Connecticut State University),” said Hurwitz. “The students are able to do interviews with local people who own their own businesses or have interesting jobs.”

The second activity as part of the morning session is Team Building with Fontaine Johnson.

“He (Johnson) works with a lot of schools in New Britain and with Community Central during the school year,” said Hurwitz. “He does a real good job of leading team building exercises.”

Groups will also get together and talk about how their day was or issues they may have. The group also learns needed skills such as financial literacy themes on how to balance a check book.

“Different speakers will come in and talk about how they got where they are,” said Hurwitz. “It’s all about teaching them different career paths so they can hone their skills. They also have the chance to learn some things they might not in school. We want them to find their passion.”

After a lunch break three activities take place.

Afternoon classes are built for some fun activities in which the students rotate. They are improv classes, airbrushing and climbing the Rock Wall at the New Britain YMCA on High St.

Community Central, is located at 117 West Main St. and is also open on weekends. There are literacy programs and airbrushing on Saturdays.

“People can just stop by or email us for more information,” said Hurwitz. “We are also hoping to start a homeless program in a couple of weeks.

To get more information on future programs or the Dream Big Summer Program send an email to