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NB Rapper SeeKing Stardom; DAIM DA FACE OF CT

At the age of 7, New Britain’s Damon Lee King began playing drums and chanting. He toured with his friends in Eastern Pequot. At age 17 he was already writing his own songs, to allow him to express his deep felt love for people and for this land. Sketching also was an art he did a lot of, as a young boy. His creative side continues to evolve. In 2004, now 17 he began to really devote himself to his original songwriting, and performing.

I sense his really nice demeanor and big bright smile, when he recalls purchasing a 24 track keyboard, and now at 27 on his way to renting out a studio of his own. In 2010, he began to really dig deep and write the songs, that most certainly has a strong message for the environment that he see’s so many have to struggle with, “hard times” we do live in today! In March of 2012 his Hip Hop and Rap CD was released, proving by the reception of so many, that he is “in it to win it”

He told me that Michael Jackson was a big influence of him as well as Jay-Z, Biggie, Big L. Damon knows how competitive the music industry is “music is in me, from birth, and I dedicate myself, reviewing beats and knowing that hardcore “truth” be expressed through my music, is something I won’t ever give up on ; I feel the energy, the flow, the rhythm. “I need to help many understand that Hip Hop and Rap are not like many believe, its great music with deep lyrics to learn and live by”. I desire to inspire many here in Hard Hittin, New Britain as well as all of CT and Internationally one day!”

Damon L King also puts on many shows, the Caribbean Café in New Britain, performed at Sully’s in Groton, Symmenatry in Hartford, Pheonix Sports Club in Norwich, and a show in Waterbury.

Again, his bright smile, lights up the room when he recalls his biggest stage performance at Penn State, the reception he got made him feel really connected, thrilled entertaining the huge crowd there, all his time and dedication is paying off!

Interviewing him was a challenge for me, for his busy schedule and my early 5 a.m. morning creative side, well, let’s just say our timing did not make it easy! Once when trying to contact him, I asked AJ the airbrush artist on West Main St who makes a lot of shirts for Damon’s events; when he called on his cellular phone I noticed the name Damon Star, I asked him, “why did you write Damon Star?’ He responded by stating that a close friend of his said, “You putting Damon’s number; ya better put Damon Star, and it’s been saved on his phone, just like I that!

No matter how much we try to empty our minds and clear out all our thoughts, something always seems to be going on there. I see Damon, has taken the advice learned from the experience of the wise, give of oneself, don’t let tough circumstances to discourage you, it’s a universal challenge, FOCUS, that includes breathing, it’s a fundamental response for achieving a quiet mind, Damon allows the thoughts to come in notice them, and allow it to continue out, thus creating a flow rather than a dam!

It’s a response he uses to get what is most effective, allowing him to channel his thoughts, through his music, intensely observant, he see’s people being controlling, selfish, possessive, abusive in many forms, and speaking to one another in hurtful tones.

Headlining News of devastating stories, the news of Newtown and Boston; with his music he can only try to make so many wrongs to inspire him to write songs of truth and inspiration.

Don’t miss his “headlining Show” this June 7th at Foxwoods Casino Resort, for more information dial 860-321-5050. Hosted by: Rich Dollaz, Vic Luna / FIRST CALL ENT. Presents 2013 National Model and Talent Search, this is going to be a great show!!! DAIM, DE FACE OF CT!!!

You can see his You Tube video, Grey Goose, filmed by Flawless Visuals, free downloads is available.

Damon, wants to send lots of love and shout outs to all of his friends, from New Britain to Groton, New Town and of CT, onward and upward