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Editor’s Note 5/31/2013

Do any of you play games on Facebook or are you one of these people who yell ‘stop sending me game requests!’

I’ve narrowed my Facebook game playing to 2 games – Coasterville and Zombie Lane. The problem with playing these darn games is you need people to help you advance in the game or you get nowhere.

Remember when computer games meant you played by yourself. None of this begging friends to help you get another token so you can put up a building.

Each week there is a new game. First it was Pet Society, then Farmville. Next I played Cityville and on and on. The big one now is Candy Crush.

Next week maybe I’ll play New Britainville or Eat the Brains. Some of these games are so absurd, but I play them to keep me occupied.

If only someone would click on my requests I wouldn’t have to post them 25 times. I need more Cherokee princess uniforms, more bags of sand and more ticket passes. Please click on my requests.

Okay enough begging. I’ll leave that to Facebook.

I had a great time at The Greek Festival Saturday. We are so lucky here in New Britain to have so many different cultures. It seems every month there is another great nationality to celebrate.

It’s not good for the diet. I can’t resist all the tempting food. This diet thing is going to take longer then I’d like.

Last week the paper also won 2 awards at the CT-SPJ’s. It is nice to be recognized. You have to start somewhere and we did pretty good. Congratulations Eva and Rachel! Next year First Places across the board.

This week’s paper is pretty packed with goodies. I hope there is something for everyone.

On Tuesday I saw the cutest play at Slade Middle School featuring students from DiLoreto School. I would say we have some future actors and singers in New Britain. They even had a pretty good Irish accent laddy.

I do not want to forget Saturday. I went to the house of Mario Santos as the House of Heroes was happening. Is there a better time to do something for our veterans than Memorial Day. Please give a big thank you to our veterans every day. Without them, we wouldn’t be free.

I found a great saying on Facebook this week. It’s not funny, but I like it.

“Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in is gone.”

Always be true to your word. Good advice.

Until next week mean what you, and keep reading YOUR # 1 Most Trusted and recently awarded Newspaper!