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Editor’s Note 5/24/2013

When I talk to people around the City it is common knowledge that Mayor Tim O’Brien is known as the worst mayor in New Britain history. But are we about to get another worst of all time?

This Common Council, if they vote for this bloated budget, will also be known as the worst council of all time. At least those that voted for it will.

As I speak with the average resident, not one can believe anyone in their right mind would vote for this budget. To many it is a joke. I only wish it were funny.

In order for you to know exactly who these worst of all-time council members are, we will give you plenty of information on how each voted. Keep watching our paper as all the information you crave will soon be revealed.

At this week’s administration, law and finance committee meeting several Councilmen did question the budget. A few defended it and others had no comment. Those that defended it sounded like blubbering idiots who had no real defense for fictional revenues increasing more than 4 times over last year. Those that didn’t question the budget and plan to vote as ordered looked even more ridiculous.

It is outrageous that so many people are afraid of the Mayor. My guess is bullying works in politics in New Britain.

Did you see Gov. Malloy speaking in favor of Mr. O’Brien’s handling of New Britain recently? This is a political ploy. What makes this funny is reports show Mr. Malloy is disliked by residents of his state more than any governor is disliked by residents of any state. Having him speak in favor of Mr. O’Brien is not a plus for Mr. O’Brien. These two wrongs doen’t make a right.

This November people will be informed of the truth. My goal is to get 50 percent of registered voters to actually vote. Make sure you are one of the informed voters. Together we can make a difference. New Britain deserves better.

This week I am offering a $250 reward for anyone catching someone on camera or videotape tampering with our news boxes. If you see someone messing with a box and can identify them please call us at 860-505-7612. Destruction of property is a crime.

Our goal is to get information to you. No one has the right to stop that from happening unless you are in Communist China.

Want to hear my funny joke from Facebook this week?

The amount of sleep required by the average person is “five more minutes”.

I know five more minutes always work for me. Sometimes it works two or three times.

Until next week get enough sleep and keep reading YOUR #1 Most Trusted New Britain Newspaper!