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HUD Fees Questionable

If Housing and Urban Development (HUD) finds the City did something improperly it is always wise to pay the bill. There is no question New Britain should do that.

What is in question is how and why HUD came to the conclusion the City did something wrong four years after it was approved.

According to several sources from City Hall, the mayor’s office made a directive to find something, anything, done inappropriately by former Mayor Tim Stewart and/or Former Municipal Director Ken Malinowski. The reason was not because they wanted to do the right thing, but to tarnish the names of Mr. Stewart and Mr. Malinowski at any cost.

If it costs us City residents $100,000, so what? As long as the mayor hurts people who may run against him for mayor in November.

Does that sound like someone we want running City Hall?

If the goal was to find any wrongdoings by anyone in the City and fix them, it would be admirable. No one should purposely do something illegal or secretive. But, when the goal is only to hurt certain people, it becomes political.

Once again our mayor’s administration is using its resources for all the wrong reasons.

Not only is the mayor costing us money, he is continuing to use his office for political gain.

It seems everything he does, including giving $22 million for education, has ulterior motives. Be sure he has much more up his sleeve.

Don’t think his campaigning will stop here. Anyone who does comes forward to run against him will be fair game. If there is any slight skeleton or even if they have to make one up, this mayor will do claim it as fact and the Herald will write about it.

This is what Mayor Tim O’Brien and his administration is all about. Be careful and watch everything that O’Brien does closely through November. Most of it will be political and not done for us residents. Don’t be fooled.