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Details Released On Pudlin Hiring

At press time the City informed New Britain City Journal that they have found 99 more pages of documents on Pudlin after the paper waited nearly a month to get the first batch. We will report on those documents when we receive it.

After waiting nearly a month the City provided documents last week that identified David Pudlin of Pudlin Strategic Communications (PSC) was indeed hired in a no bid contract and although being paid has not shown any work on paper.

Pudlin Strategic Communications, (PSC) LLC, a political consulting firm, was hired for consulting services in 2012 and has been paid $30,800.

According to documents the company owned by Pudlin was paid from May 2012 through Feb. 2013.

The contract between Pudlin and the City specifically states that the contractor will assist in city budget affairs, city efficiency studies, and bring in jobs, but has done no such work, at least not according to what was released.

In fact, PSC has not generated one report or document of any kind.

The firm was hired during a March 14 meeting that stated the Mayor was hiring a professional economic development consulting service not to exceed $2,800 per month, but no company was mentioned. The Mayor was left to negotiate the firm. According to the FOI report, no bids went out for other firms.

Supposedly, Aldermen were not told who would be hired because it was unknown, but Democrat Mayor Pro Tem Michael Trueworthy recused himself from the vote because he used to work for Pudlin.

O’Brien first knew Pudlin as he was hired by Pudlin as his aid when Pudlin was a state representative.

In January of 2012, prior to signing a contract, PSC was given a list of what it was expected to do and was looking for three municipal efficiency analysts for the city to interview.

The contract wasn’t signed until April 2, 2012 and was for $1,400 a month plus a $16,800 retainer.

According to sources, Pudlin also had not paid about $5,000 in City taxes and the City threatened to withhold some of his payments for taxes. He then paid his taxes, sources said.

It is not known if the City withheld taxes at any time to Community Organizer Briggette Brown who along with her husband Alderman Rhasheen Brown has not paid the City about $1,000 in taxes on several pieces of property and cars.

The Mayor’s office refused comment on Pudlin.



  1. This smells like a garbage pail. Note Pudlin was a former top organizer for the SEIU (also called “1199′), a hard core leftist who made a career out of Marxist-like class warfare. Here he is exposed as a tax scofflaw who is lining his pockets with taxpayer dollars in a suspicious shady deal. There should be an investigation, preferably by the FBI. People are sick of this crap going on in government with the liberals and politically connected feeding their greed from the public bank account.

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