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After watching the Yankees on Opening Day, I had this strange feeling. I felt like half the team belongs in the minor leagues. I did not really know many of the guys on the team. And those I did know, did not play well. We had only 3 starters from 2012’s Opening Day.

Even our best pitcher in CC Sabathia looked nothing more than average.

I know it is only one game, but it was a disappointing one. I expect more from this team. If this is the best GM Brian Cashman can give us, we are in trouble.

I sure hope in June our team is made up of uninjured professional baseball players. This mess we have now cannot win a 28th Championship.

Catcher Francisco Cervelli had a key hit and looked good behind the plate. I always liked his spunk. Everyone else was questionable.

The Red Sox looked great and they finished in last place last year. Not a good sign for the Yankees. I already heard chatter from Red Sox fans. Yuck!

Most of our problems right now are injuries which means pitching needs to be superb. I do believe Sabathia will get better. He never pitches well on Opening Day. Andy Pettitte and Hiroki Kuroda can keep us in games. But, are they good enough?

The news on Derek Jeter is that he is only playing catch. He is not yet hitting or playing short. We need the captain back. The team feels empty without him don’t you think?

Once he comes back, at least the team will seem like the Yankees.

A-rod, Mark Teixeira and Curtis Granderson are missed, but no one compares to Jeter. He is the heart and soul of the team. Eduardo Nunez is just another shortstop.

In the meantime, the Yankees just need to stay close. If they fall 8 games back by the end of May, it could be a long season. I can’t handle that. The Yankees are winners.

Come back soon Jeter. We need you!