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Editor’s Note 4/5/2013

It appears the City has something to hide when it comes to its deal with David Pudlin in the contract with Pudlin Strategic Communications. Under the Freedom of Information Act the City has not mailed information on the group requested by the New Britain City Journal. Therefore, this paper gas been forced to file a complaint under the FoIA laws.

It is another sneaky political move by the mayor’s administration to delay this paper from receiving information. It will not stop us. We will continue to file FoIA’s and file a complaint if needed. More will probably be on the way.

When an administration plays this game, it usual means something inappropriate is going on. Most of us already know this administration is corrupt following its manipulation of the community organizer position and HUD. It’s a shame it doesn’t learn from past mistakes and become more transparent. (Funny it ran its campaign on transparency) It frustrates me that week after week I am forced to expose this administration for what it is. I would like nothing more than to move on. It doesn’t appear this administration will let that happen anytime soon.

When you wonder why I continue to harp on the negatives of this mayor, ask him. And then tell him enough games. Let’s move on with helping our City and stop this foolish political maneuvering. Most people are sick of it. I know I sure am.

Don’t forget to vote for the candidate of your choice in our poll “Who would you like to see the next mayor be?” Presently Tim O’Brien is winning followed closely by Tim Stewart.

I will post a new poll if someone runs against O’Brien. Vote at

I would have expected someone to announce by now. Maybe, no one will run. We shall have to wait and see.

A few weeks ago you may have seen on our website or NBC 30’s website our video of the fire at the New Britain Rock Cat batting cages? It inspired me to get a handheld scanner. Now, wherever I am I can find police and fire news immediately. If we get something interesting, please look for it on our website or Facebook group page.

Be sure to read our page 1 story about the NB-EMS during Storm Charlotte. They did a wonderful job. I congratulate and thank each and every one of them.

Time for a funny from Facebook.

“May the bluebird of happiness follow you all day….but may it miss your car.”

If the weather would behave like Spring, I would be happy to settle for any sign of it. Come on 60 degrees.

Until next week, watch out for the birds and keep reading YOUR #1 Weekly Newspaper!