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How to Save the O’Brien Administration

As the day for election gets closer two things are very clear.

1.  If the Republicans or Independents don’t have a clear candidate, Tim O’Brien will win re-election. That will be the easiest way for O’Brien to get re-elected.

2.  If a good candidate does choose to run, the only way O’Brien would win is if he realeases his lackey Phil Sherwood.

After speaking to a huge number of people, the reason they won’t vote for O’Brien is because they dislike Sherwood (deputy chief of staff). Mr. Sherwood is the definition of a bully. He wants things his way and if they are not, he will do whatever it takes including threats and intimidation to get his way. Much like a spoiled child acts.

Sherwood has threatened this paper for many months. He tries to find ways to silence our opinions if it goes against his. He has used other people to get back at us.

But, if it was just this paper it would be one thing. Most people we speak to say Sherwood is rude, condescending and a bully. He reminds many of a little Hitler.

When he was in Hartford, under Mayor Pedro Segarra, a union member claimed, on the record, that Sherwood tried to threaten him.

According to a Hartford Courant article from July 11, 2011, “(Leo) Canty said he received a call from Phil Sherwood, Segarra’s campaign manager, last week during which Sherwood made “veiled threats” that Canty would face repercussions for not supporting Segarra.”

It continued, “Regarding his telephone conversation with Sherwood, Canty said, “It’s just not the kind of politics that I like. You shouldn’t be voting for somebody based on what might happen to you.”

Sherwood denied making threats. (Of course he denied it.)

As you can see it is public knowledge that Sherwood behaves this way to opposition. His threats cause people to act or react. Many people are afraid of him and do as he demands in fear of repercussions. As you can see, this paper is not the first to make this revelation.

When people are asked what they think of O’Brien, most say he is Sherwood’s puppet. The fight does not seem to be against O’Brien. Most are against Sherwood.

The funny thing is if O’Brien loses, his political career may be over. It will barely affect Sherwood. He will move along to another City and bring his bullying tactics with him. No skin off his nose.

This paper often wonders just what our relationship would be with O’Brien if someone else held Sherwood’s job. Perhaps, it would actually be civil.

Sherwood has blamed our lack of relationship on the landlords. The fact is, it has little to do with them. It is coincidental that our relationship became strained (to be nice) around the same time. Sherwood’s paranoia took over. He created a fantasy as a reason for the paper not to find favor with O’Brien and then made everyone around him believe it.

This paper is not endorsing any candidate at this time. We don’t even know who, if anyone, will run against O’Brien. All we know for sure is that if a candidate does comes out who is a good one and O’Brien wants to win, Sherwood must go. If he doesn’t, whether O’Brien wins or loses, his term will continue to be a failure. Eventually, everyone will see Sherwood for what he is and O’Brien will be the scapegoat.

Almost makes you feel sorry for O’Brien doesn’t it? Well almost.