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Sludge Must Be Harmful

If you go behind and to the left of the skate park at Stanley Quarter Park you are sure to see a site that will disgust you. Most of the sludge pulled out of the pond was left there.

It is several feet deep, smells like garbage and most definitely is killing the trees and other vegetation there.

If that’s not bad enough you can see the sludge dripping back into the creek that leads directly back to the pond.

Officials say once it dries it will be removed. Why was it dumped there and won’t it cause harm to all that land by then? It must be a fun smell for our skateboarding children as well.

This is a travesty. If the pond was going to be cleaned it should have been done right. It may all be fine and legal, but that doesn’t make it proper.

This was a job that needed professionals. City workers deserve credit for all they do. But, they cannot do everything.

A professional should have been hired to be sure the job was not done shoddily. Our park space is limited. Losing more of it due to sediment is not the answer. Officials are discussing ways to remove geese feces and in the meantime an area of the park may now be destroyed for good.

This sludge needs to be removed immediately and whoever approved it to be dumped there should be questioned.