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Wow! Mark Teixeira is out until late May.

Just when I thought Curtis Granderson out until early May was going to hurt. This is worse.

Who will play first? Kevin Youkilis can, but do we really want to see a rookie play third base?

A lot of names have come up. As of press time no deals have been made.

I keep hearing the Yankees will be fighting with the Red Sox for last place. Can this possibly be? Say it isn’t so.

Here’s what I see happening. The Yankees are going to start off slow. That is not really that unusual. About May the Yankees will probably be about .500. But, the Yankees are a second half team normally. Teixeira usually does not come around until May. (I sure hope that doesn’t mean he forgets to hit until late July).

By June the Yankees will look a bit better than average if no one else gets hurt. I think it will be July when the Yankees start to shine. Last year they felt apart in late August. Many said it was because they were old. I’m hoping this year that is not the case.

August must be a good month for the Bronx Bombers or they have no chance.

If hitting is slow this year as expected, a lot is riding on pitching. CC Sabathia, Hiroki Kuroda and Andy Pettitte need to be sharp. And they can’t wait until July to play well.

If the Yankees fall way behind, they probably will not catch up.

So who do I predict to win the American League East? I’m taking the Tampa Bay Rays. I like the team overall. David Price is a great number one pitcher.

I’m not as sold on Toronto as most people seem to be. They made a lot of trades, but other then Melky Cabrera I don’t want any of them. Jose Bautista will continue his home run dominance, but I still don’t see the Blue Jays winning the division.

And yes, I see the Yankees as a wild card team.

I’m taking Texas in the AL West and Detroit in the AL Central. In the National League I’m taking Washington in the East, St. Louis in the Central and Los Angeles in the West.

I’m going Detroit and Washington in the World Series. I do expect one unexpected team to make a big splash. Last year that was Baltimore.

My MVP Prediction is Mike Trout and Jason Heyward.

My Cy Young picks are Justin Verlander and Stephen Strasburg.

I’m taking the Washington Nationals to win the World Series!