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More Political Hogwash

Never has a State of the City Address taken more credit for things done by other people and patted oneself on the back more than the one given by Mayor Tim O’Brien on Wednesday night.

He stacked the house with supporters who need jobs and funds from him so they would clap and give him a standing ovation on a speech that was no more than the start of his political campaign.

From the start he took credit for every business expansion in the City whether or not he was involved. He also praised Costco for bringing jobs and money into the City. During his first campaign he fought against it because it was done by the former mayor. Now, he claims it as a good thing for the City.

Mr. O’Brien also took credit for hospital expansion and the new police station. The police station was made possible and done totally by former Mayor Tim Stewart. In fact, O’Brien openly opposed the location of the station.

The mayor took credit for the Halloween celebration sponsored and done by the New Britain City Journal and volunteers last year. No City funds were used for the celebration and it was not a City event. He said he will do the Halloween celebration again this year obviously excluding this newspaper.

O’Brien patted himself on the back for giving the Board of Education $500,000 more in their budget last year. The board is so far behind in funds that it asked for $20 million this year. A mere $500,000 was given so he could say he raised funds for them in his political speeches. If he really cared about education, more would have and should have been allocated to the board of education. What was given was just a political token.

In fact, most of the speech sounded more like a political rally formed for speaking to the choir rather than truths about the City.

Never did he mention that he raided the water fund (which residents will be forced to pay back), attempted to sell the water department, that the consolidation of departments did not save money in the process and that he put the City in financial harm by charging property owners licensing fees. He also never mentioned the danger residents face by being charged fees for calling 911.

Nowhere did he mention his deception of hiring a community organizer under the guise of HUD funds when it was done through the general fund. Nor did he mention the over $130,000 he has given to political cronies for “public relations” to help solve the problems he caused himself.

Instead he praised himself convincing only those that want to believe the hogwash that he is doing a fine job as a mayor.

If ever a State of the City Address was meant to try to turn around a horrible term as mayor, this was it.