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Buying a Mattress Can be a Daunting Experience

Let me preface this experience with a little background information. When I bought my present mattress about 15 years ago I exchanged 10 of them and finally selected on the one that I have out of sheer exhaustion. Hey, I had valid reasons for all of the exchanges. I also had to wait all of these years for my picture to be removed from bedding stores. So I felt that the coast was clear to start anew.

For years I’ve been saying that I’m going to purchase a new mattress and never do. I’m not even really sure if I need a new mattress but when the President’s sale came up my daughter, Rachel said she would go with me. So now I was really pressured to act.

I am not a ‘real store’ shopper. I am a thrift store shopper so entering a store with new items gives me apoplexy.

We chose our path of stores that I wanted to stop in. When we were walking into the first store I mentioned to Rachel to not tell them that this will be my mother’s last mattress like she said when she came with when I purchased my car. But since the mileage is so low, it just might be my last car.

This first store is a large furniture and sleep center. A young man approached us without pouncing, asked us our names and we all became nice and friendly. I knew that I didn’t want one of those new foam mattresses. They remind me of packing material and what if I sunk in to it and no one knew where I was and I would never be found. So that was a good start. One elimination out of the way. A chiropractor told me to get a mattress with the most springs. When I mentioned this to the salesman he looked at me a little perplexed….springs, the mattresses have springs? So while I’m speaking to the salesman Rachel was testing the mattresses, not me, the purchaser and future user. There is a sea of mattresses and I also do not do well with a selection over three and I need to buy one.

Testing mattresses is a very personal activity. You don’t want to get into that odd position that you normally sleep in. I didn’t have my pillow with me and I really should have brought my night guard for my teeth so I could truly get the right effect.

Not only do mattresses have soft, firm, plush, etc. They have personal names like Wanda, Sylvia, etc. This causes another impact on my choices. If I don’t like the name of the mattress no matter how comfortable it is I’m not purchasing due to the name. This could really be a huge factor for couples.

So we are done with this store and have written the information that we need. Our next stop had less to choose from which was good for me but they do not remove the original mattress so this is another factor to consider. They had the same mattresses, different first names different prices.

Now we are in our third store and the salesman says you should really stay at least three minutes on the bed to get the full feeling. I think Rachel racked up about half an hour of resting on this excursion. Now I have completely changed my mind on the type of padding that I thought I wanted and now have moved to favoring the plush top. So where am I now? I’m starting all over again from bed to bed. Poor Goldie Locks. I now know how she felt.

Rachel has come up with a phenomenal idea….a Matracask. What is this you ask? You love your mattress, why not be buried in it. Those little child strollers’ change into all sorts of things, why not have your mattress that you love change into a Matracask for when you pass on to the next life. We just about had the salesmen convinced (they weren’t busy when we came in and were game for anything to get me to buy and mattress and get out of there). We told them they could put a mortuary in the back room. I think they are going to take our idea and run with it.

Ok, ok, so I bought the plush mattress and Rachel was the deal closer. I’m still not sure that I want the mattress and what if I don’t like it will I have to get back out there and start all over again with 10 other mattresses?

We celebrated with hotdogs and fries at Doogies. Stay tuned!