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Editor’s Note 2/22/2013

I think the groundhog lied. It seems winter didn’t arrive in full force until he saw his shadow. I am dreaming of 50-60 degree weather and long nights. I don’t mind some snow and cold weather, but I’ve had enough already. Spring can’t arrive soon enough.

Some people have asked me this week why I am not covering things like parks and recreation anymore? I have to reiterate that City officials are not allowed to speak with me thanks to Mayor Tim O’Brien. Some activities that are not covered by The Herald (and there is a lot) may never be covered again. Not my fault. But, thanks for asking everyone. Maybe, I can do it again come November.

I started thinking about last year’s Halloween celebration we had in the City. It had about 5,000 people. I’m not giving up on it this year, but it is highly doubtful the mayor will allow me to be involved like last year.

Yes, it was my idea with the help of Gerry Amodio and various local businesses and volunteers. The paper helped gather about $1,000 for the event to take place. I’m going to do my best to make it happen again. But, please don’t blame me if that does not take place or the City is forced to pay for it. The City didn’t donate a dime last year. The mayor did, however, seek to take all the credit.

I have a great idea to draw people into downtown this next coming holiday season. I will reveal that in November as well. It may be too late by then, but we can get started. Bringing traffic into downtown is key to bringing this City back. It’s not impossible. It takes a little planning. With a good administration I believe it is possible.

It’s important to believe in this City. Eventually change will happen. You must want it enough to work for it. I do that every day. I hope you keep reading this paper and work with me for a better New Britain. As residents we can make it happen.

As usual this week’s paper is jam packed with news. In the next few months we will continue to see growth and bring you more news. Each week our paper grows and believe me a lot more is planned. I can’t wait. Whoever said newspapers are dying doesn’t know about our little publication.

I found a funny joke this week on Facebook.

A guy was sitting in a bar with a friend when he said, “Look at those old stooped over drunken guys across from us. That will be us in 10 years.”

His friend looked over and said, “Idiot, that’s a mirror!”

Where does time go?

Until next week, look in the mirror and keep reading YOUR #1 Weekly Newspaper!