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Editor’s Note 2/1/2013

It was quite an adventurous week the past 7 days. I know my post office mailbox has been full. A lot of correspondence coming my way.

This past Wednesday a group of us met to support our great advertiser in Roma Restaurant who has the best Italian Bistro around. Some had drinks and some dinner. Why? Because it is quite low for a City official to tell people not to patronize a City business. I would advise the mayor’s office to stop that tactic. I would never tell anyone not to patronize a local business. Business makes the City go ‘round. If you advertise with us, the Herald, the Courant or anywhere else it is your constitutional right. I encourage you to patronize any New Britain business regardless of who they choose to advertise with. I frequent those businesses who advertise with us more often, but will never discourage the support of any business that chooses to take an ad in another publication. That is just the wrong thing to do and Mr. Sherwood did just this on his Facebook page. His page also suggests that he has been telling that to people all over the City. I guess he is really not business friendly after all. Shame on him and anyone who listens to him! If you own a business and a City official tells you not to advertise with us, please contact me at 860-505-7612!

Someone told me this week because of my short stature and quiet demeanor that I am underestimated. I’m not loud or pushy. Most of my thoughts come out in my writing. I may not be intimidating, but I speak my mind. At least, in print.

This week’s paper is full of goodies. Did you attend the NBHS baseball fundraiser? I heard it was phenomenal. I will put it on my must things to do for next year’s list.

I held back this year as I did not want to ruin my diet. For those of you counting I have lost 11 lbs so far.

We have a lot of really good news. On page 1 we are the only one to bring you breaking news on the state bill affecting New Britain’s 911 ordinance. We will keep you informed as it progresses.

Have you ever thought about mentoring? On page 2 please read a store about mentoring at Klingberg. Mentors make a huge difference in kids’ lives.

Joke of the Week time. I thought this very appropriate.

“You can lead a human to knowledge, but you can’t make it think!”

Until next week, think before you act and keep reading YOUR #1 Weekly Newspaper!