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Lions Club Donates $30,000 to New Britain EMS

Five years ago the New Britain Lions Club committed to donate $30,000 to the New Britain EMS. On Tuesday the group gave its last check of the commitment.

“We are happy to be supporting the New Britain EMS to the tune of $30,000,” said Frank Marracco, Lions Club member.

Bruce Baxter, CEO of the New Britain EMS, was on hand to receive the check.

“Whoever would have dreamed that $30,000 would have turned into a $500,000 a year commitment for business operations for the community and New Britain EMS,” said Baxter. “That $30,000 grant seeded a concept that we wanted to develop a training center to improve the health of the community and to improve our organization.”

Baxter said it started from a dream in about 1,000 square feet of space at the ITBD Building.

“It turned around and reinvented itself for the 4th time and we are now moving into 5,000 square feet of space at the ITBD training with well over 3,000 people a year,” said Baxter. “We will be having a premier community based CPR health and safety education center that brings people in from all over the state to bring business to New Britain and more importantly help the health of this community every day of the week.”

The New Britain EMS was also able to purchase a van with the $30,000 from the Lions Club.

“We wouldn’t be here today if it had not been for the commitment and partnership of The Lions,” said Baxter. “I’m truly serious and I am deeply appreciative to the commitment of the Lions and the association and the benevolent generosity to help make New Britain a better place for its residents.”

Past President of the New Britain Lions Club Judy Daninhirsch said the van will be used for community outreach services.

“The $30,000 commitment is completely finished,” Daninhirsch said. “The additional space at the ITBD building, which increased to over 5,000 feet of space will train over 3,000 people in such things as community based health, education work, EMS training, CPR and other programs.”