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Pigskin Predictions

I went 3-1 last week putting me at 143-75 for the season so far. Not too bad.

There are two big games this weekend to decide who goes to the Superbowl.

The first is San Francisco at Atlanta. Both deserve to be here in the division title match-up. I have gone back and forth on who to take. It is because of Colin Kaepernick that I choose the 49ers. He has changed this team dramatically. Earlier this year I said San Francisco could make it if they had a new better quarterback. Now they have one.

It should be a close game. I like Atlanta. I just don’t see them winning in this game.

San Francisco 31, Atlanta 24

The late game on Sunday pits my New England Patriots at home vs. Baltimore. I have to be honest I never thought Baltimore would be the opponent in the division game. Earlier this year I thought it would be Houston or Denver. This is a shocker to me.

Right now the Patriots look like the best team in football. The defense has slowly improved and no one is better than Tom Brady.

I don’t think Baltimore will even keep this one close. New England wins it easily,

New England 44, Baltimore 28

It’s pretty obvious who my Superbowl opponents will be. Go Patriots!

Top 5 Rankings

1. New England

2. San Francisco

3. Atlanta

4. Baltimore

5. Denver