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McTeacher Night to Benefit Jefferson School

You can get away, take the break you deserve, and still benefit the students at New Britain’s Jefferson Elementary School on Jan. 25.

The school’s PTA and staff members are teaming up with a good corporate neighbor for McTeacher Night on Friday, Jan. 25, from 5-7 p.m., at the McDonalds, 689 West Main Street.

“We have 17 teachers and staff members who have already signed up to help out,” said Wendi Clark, president of the Jefferson PTA. “There will likely be others, as well,” she added.

The Jefferson School teachers and staff members will be working behind the counter during the evening assisting McDonalds employees to serve customers. A percentage of the evening’s proceeds will benefit the year-end field day for the school’s 476 K-5 students.

This is the first time the school has attempted this particular fundraising activity, which has proven to be successful at McDonalds restaurants around the country.

“We’re hoping to rent inflatable toys, and buy popcorn for all the students. If our budget allows we’d also like to hire clowns to entertain and make the Field Day in June a really fun event,” said Ms. Clark. The year-end will also include some water-related games and activities for the students.

Students at Jefferson are already looking forward to the McTeacher Night. “The kids are so excited they can hardly stand it. They can’t wait. They always get a kick out seeing teachers in the community outside of school,” Ms. Clark added.

As for the teachers, a few are a bit anxious. “The staff has been very supportive of the idea, but a few are a little nervous. Most haven’t worked in food service before, but it will be a fun time for everyone,” she said. After all, the winners are the Jefferson School students.