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Police Seeking Vandals

Police are looking for two men who vandalized North Street Laundry and another store on North St. at 1:48 a.m. Nov. 1.

“They came and went through the windows with a hammer and started hitting it,” said Jose DeJuan, owner of North Street Laundry. “There was no reason for it. Nothing was stolen. They hit it like they had nothing else to do.”

The Laundromat has been on the street for one year.

DeJuan said there aren’t any quarrels with anyone. The business has been serving the community well with good prices and more for the past year, he said.

“It’s just despicable,” said DeJuan. “There is no reason to do anything like that. We have them on camera.”

DeJuan said the City of New Britain does not deserve this treatment.

“We need to have more civility and more responsibility by everybody,” said DeJuan. “These are difficult times and this is not a good thing.”

The Laundromat has remained open.