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Who Should You Vote For?

At this time the New Britain City Journal is not making endorsements. We do, however, believe that residents should vote for the candidate they believe in the most.

During the league of women voters debate, discussion revolved around does the party someone is in, matter?

If the person is in the party and has the same views as you, vote for them. We do not agree that people should not vote outside their party.

You can be a registered Democrat and vote Republican and vice versa. You are not permitted to vote only for your party.

Residents need to learn about candidates before voting. The debate did not have all the answers. Newspapers across the City had articles with information on all the candidates. Not all the answers are available there either. You can contact a candidate to learn more about them.

Yes, a party matters. But, yes also can you vote for a person rather than a party.

In a local election, more than any other election, it is the person you are voting for most that matters. Not all Republicans vote with all Republicans. Not all Democrats follow suit either.

In this time it is most important to make sure your values match the candidate before voting. Many times people vote for a party only. And then that person they voted for, votes the exact opposite of what they wanted them to.

Know your candidate before voting or don’t vote. Unlike many other papers, we are not encouraging everyone to vote. Those that have not taken time to understand who they are voting for should stay home and let those that do know who they are voting for vote the proper way. There are very good candidates from both parties.

We encourage to learn as much as you can and make a wise decision.

Good luck and may the best candidates win!