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Finally, the 2012 season is completely over for the Pinstripers and we can look forward to the year ahead.

What needs to be done before the next season starts? We know Nick Swisher is gone. Most likely Curtis Granderson will return. Derek Jeter will be back from injury as will Mariano Rivera. It would be nice to see Andy Pettitte return as we have no consistent pitchers.

I believe the Yankees will try to ship Alex Rodriguez somewhere, anywhere. I’m not sure how many takers there will be. Personally, I don’t think Rodriguez is as bad as he looked in the playoffs. He wasn’t the only one who stunk. He just slumped at a bad time.

If you have read my columns you know my feelings on Robinson Cano. Cano must go. I can’t handle his lazy behavior. Saying this, I am almost certain he will stay a Yankee.

Joe Girardi is the big question. Will they let him go? I think not. I think he and GM Brian Cashman stick around for another year.

I’m not high on Girardi right now. I think we can do better.

The next question is what do we need next year?

How about getting some younger players?

Do we need to consistently pick up old players hoping for lightning in a bottle?

If Ichiro Suzuki is re-signed, the outfield would be Suzuki, Brett Gardner and Granderson.

Does that mean we start to play small ball? Hitting for home runs did not work against Detroit. Maybe, a new strategy is the way to go.

Mark Teixeira can still hit them out as can Granderson and Cano. It would not all be small ball.

I suggest picking up a few young pitchers in free agency. Stop getting guys like Freddy Garcia.

Ship out Eric Chavez and Andruw Jones. Keep our young guys.

I’m not sure who is available in free agency, but if they are over age 26 don’t sign them.

I would rather finish in third next season with hope for younger players than limp into the playoffs and watch the Yankees perform like they did against Detroit. They looked old and washed up.

And frankly, what they did against the Tigers, was darn right embarrassing.