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Editor’s Note 10-26-2012

This past weekend I visited Willimantic. A City, not unlike New Britain, which are both in Connecticut. I found something interesting. Gas was $3.69 a gallon. On the way home I passed by Newington and it was $3.91 a gallon.

Why is it so much cheaper in Willimantic? It may be close to the border, but if they can afford to sell it at that price, why can’t we get it that cheap?

I believe the legislature or somebody in some big business position needs to take a look at this. I’ve always been mad about high gas prices. This just made me even madder.

Other than that, I had a great week. I am so excited about the Halloween Trick or Treat Safe Zone Event. I’m sure you can tell that just by page 1. It is on Wednesday.

I’m planning to dress as a purple witch so please stop me and say hello. I may be frantic that night, but I love to meet readers.

And speaking of Halloween, it appeared Monday night I was the only one watching the movie “Halloween”. Everyone else on Facebook was watching the debate. I’m so glad I skipped presidential debates. Everyone talking about them seemed so angry.

Last Saturday I spent a little bit of time helping to clean South Street with New Britain Pride – Imagine. That is a terrific group. It is based on making New Britain a better place to live. It wants residents to have pride in our City. It is starting out small, but will grow. People need to get involved. It is the only true way to make New Britain better. People talk about how bad the City is. Talk is cheap. Residents need to take a role in making it better. If you want to do anything to help such as clean-up, donate for its future tag sale, help with a dinner, then visit New Britain Pride on Facebook and offer your services.

I am certainly going to do everything I can to help. Lynn Rouleau would love to hear from you.

I have to say I was surprised to see Fitch lower our ratings. We had been doing so well. Lowering our rating increases our interest rates for bonds. It looks like it will take some work to bring it up again. See press release supplied to me by Fitch Ratings on page 3.

This week we had more pages than usual. It is busier in the Fall than any other time of year. Wouldn’t it be nice to bring you more news every week? I may need to hire more staff.

I found two funny things on Facebook this week.

“Everybody always says say “No!” to drugs, but I’m thinking that if you’re talking to drugs, it’s too late.”

And, “Practice safe text. Use Commas!”

I particularly liked the second one.

Until next week, use your commas properly and keep reading YOUR #1 Weekly Newspaper!