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This week the Yankees finished their season by facing none other than the rival Boston Red Sox. Before playing the Yankees, the Sox played the Baltimore Orioles.

Being close to a tie for first place, the Yankees and Orioles had to face the same teams this week. A lot of discussion in the Yankees Universe was will the Red Sox let Baltimore win and play the Yankees hard.

When I heard this I thought about it for a long time. The Red Sox are definitely our rivals and don’t like us. But, would they do that just to hurt New York?

It’s definitely possible, but I doubt any team would lose on purpose just to hurt another. As fans, we may root for them to do it, but as a player it’s improbable. Every player has pride in their performance. They want to win. No one goes into a game, even when they are out of the playoffs, thinking ‘let’s lose this one’. Maybe, they don’t play as hard as they would if they were in contention, but lose on purpose? I doubt it.

I think it was paranoia from New York fans. At least I hope so.

Going into the playoffs it is obvious the biggest thing for the Yankees will be pitching. Usually you need three good pitchers. C.C. Sabathia, Andy Pettitte and who else? I can’t see the Yankees going far with two pitchers. Phil Hughes or Hiroki Kuroda are next in line. I have no confidence in either. I hope if either play, they are on a short leash.

Right now, surprisingly enough, the star for the Yankees is Ichiro Suzuki. He has a second life in New York and is making the most of it.

We do have some great players like Mark Teixeira and Brett Gardner back. I’m not sure how big a factor Gardner will be.

Don’t hold me to this because time changes everything, but right now I see a Detroit Tiger vs Cincinnati World Series. I would go with Washington if Stephen Strasburg was still playing.

I like Detroit because who has a better combination than Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrera. Verlander kills the Yankees. Cabrera in my opinion is the MVP. He is in line for a triple crown. Cabrera as MVP should be a given.

Despite that, I’m hoping something special happens this week that leads me to believe the Yankees are for real. I would love to see the Bronx Bombers with a chance to win it all.