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New DiLoreto Classrooms to be Ready in May

Officials are reporting that the $10 million school expansion and improvements to DiLoreto Magnet School on Slater Road are coming along and may be finished in March.

The expansion and renovation project will enhance the capability of the DiLoreto Magnet School – which is built around a vibrant dual language theme – to serve students throughout New Britain, from grades pre-K to 8.

The school received $7,929,000 million in state school construction funds for the project. The state grant saved local taxpayers almost 80 percent of the $10 million cost for the project.

“The school will be substantially complete by the end of March,” said Ray Moore, Director of Facilities Management for the district. “One issue we will be confronted with is the state requires the building to remain empty with no new materials installed for 30 days while you are venting out the OC gases in the building.”

This leads the classrooms to not open until possibly early May

Before school began the bus loop and some staff parking was complete. There are about 180 staff members and so far there are 75 parking spaces.

“So there is still parking in the street,” said Moore.

Additional parking is planned along the loop.

Presently, the roof in the gym is being finished as metal framing and sheeting is being installed. Masonry work to install exterior brick will begin soon as will electrical and plumbing work.

“A lot of trades in that building will be working together,” said Moore. “There will be a lot of progress in next two to three weeks.”

Unsuitable soils have cost about $100,000 of removal from contingency. Initial reports came back that there was no unsuitable soils but that was not the case.

Superintendent Kelt Cooper said he wants to be notified of the progress once a month at a school board meeting.

Sharon Beloin Saavedra said that she has seen the classrooms and so far they look “great”.

DiLoreto Principal Marina Perez Taverner said that she wants the present eighth graders get the pleasure of being the first class to use the building.