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Editor’s Note 9/14/2012

How do you like this week’s edition? It is our second big circulation edition of the year going out to half the City. Of course, we still go to homes via the US Mail as well.

If we had enough ads, we could make it this big every week. I would love that, but I would definitely need to hire some help.

Now that it is complete, I like it. I was a little frantic during it.

There are a lot of new additions to this week’s paper. We added ‘Kid Spiel’ on page 7. What we did was speak with a lot of great students and asked them questions. Some answers are very precious. See more in the next few weeks. I hope to run this every week throughout the school year. There is nothing more fun than learning from our youth.

We added a ‘Brain Games’ page as well. I’m not sure how much room we will have for this each week, but we will bring you as much of it as we can. Look for answers next week.

We keep trying to add new features. Residents tell us what they want and we deliver.

I want to thank all our advertisers and remind everyone to visit each one as they keep our paper free.

I also want to thank members of the New Britain Elks Club who helped us this week prepare our papers for delivery. New Britain resident are always willing to help each other. I am amazed at just how kind people can be.

There is a lot of good things to read in here. Take your time and read it all. There is nothing more special than covering your home town. I take great pride in doing it right.

Two other people feel special about our City as well. That is why this page has great columns from Sharon Beloin Saavedra, school board president and Nicholas Mercier, Citizen Property Owners Association president. Each has a unique view of the City and is devoted to making it better.

I want to also encourage residents to send in letters to the editor. We Love residents’ views and encourage them especially during the upcoming election season. When we are overwhelmed with letters each resident can only submit one per month. If we don’t have a lot, we can get them in more often.

Time for a funny thought I found on Facebook.

A wife told her husband to whisper dirty things to her, the man then replied, “The kitchen, the living room, the den and the dining room.”

I say if that is the best he can do, then tell him to clean them.

Until next week, keep your house clean so your spouse has better things to talk about and keep reading YOUR #1 Weekly Newspaper!