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By Robin Vinci

Big discussion this week in Yankees Universe is how much is Nick Swisher worth? He wants about $126 million over 6 years during the offseason. He is making about $10.5 a year right now.

Word has it that if the Yankees don’t offer him that much, he will seek it elsewhere.

I love Swisher. He is one of my favorite Yankees. I don’t like, however, being held hostage.

The Yankees have said they are trying to trim the costs on the roster. I do not see them signing Swisher at that price. He is a great guy to have on the team and his value has jumped since being on the Yanks. But, where else would he have the opportunity to get 80 RBIs each year? His numbers are very good purely because he is a Yankee.

I really want the Yanks to keep him, but I would not be surprised to see him go.

As the Yankees head into the final stretch of the season they have a 4 game lead. They have not been playing well and other than Toronto their schedule is tough. There are 6 games left against Tampa Bay and 6 against Baltimore. The lead looks tenuous to me.

If they are going to win this division they need some strong play by some players.

Here is what they need:

Derek Jeter must keep hitting well. He is our leader and without his.300 plus batting average the Yankees will slump. We need players on base.

Rafael Soriano needs to keep pitching well. Without a closer, the Yankees are doomed. Soriano has been shaky as of late, but he has still gotten saves. His good play is vital.

Nick Swisher has been carrying the Yankees the last few weeks. When everyone else fails, this guy comes through. Some players with big salaries are doing very little. Swisher needs to continue to pick up the slack.

If we make the playoffs:

Andy Pettitte may get only one start before the playoffs. The Yankees need him to be as strong as he was earlier in the season. One start may not seem like a big deal, but if it is a good one the Yankees will feel strong going into the post season.

Alex Rodriguez needs to play his heart out. He has played all year like just an average run of the mill third baseman. He needs to finally step up (after he comes back from his injury) and be the player his salary suggests he is.

C.C. Sabathia just needs to be as good as he is. If he doesn’t falter, he will be exactly what we need as a #1 starter.