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Fire Marshal, Fence Repair Chosen

Thomas Ronalter is acting fire chief, and now his brother Michael Ronalter has been named Fire Marshal.

Although Mike Ronalter had the highest test score in the civil service exam, there were other reasons he was chosen for the position.

“I like the fact that he is not afraid to give me his advice on what he thinks the best policies are,” said Mayor Tim O’Brien, who made the decision and presented it to the common council Wednesday night. “He will do a very diligent job to make sure what needs to be done will get done in the community.”

As fire marshal, Ronalter will enforce fire codes and oversee fire investigations.

Ronalter, 60, has been serving in the Fire Marshal’s office for over 25 years.

The council also chose Eagle Fence & Guardrail of Plainville to fix the cemetery fence at Fairview Cemetery at a cost of $221,337.

“We will get a $275,000 bond,” said O’Brien. “There was no other source.”

LoCIP and other grants were looked at, but none were allowed for this project.

“This needs to be done and needs to be done well,” said O’Brien. “It’s not going to be a cheap and flimsy fence.”

According to Bill DeMaio, parks and recreation director, it is a wrought iron fence made of steel which is thick and wide, but attractive. The coating is meant to last a life time.

Approximately 2,600 linear feet of existing fencing and footings will be removed and shall be included in the linear foot cost of the new fencing. Reusable sections of existing fencing will remain in the possession of the City and a designated storage area will be determined upon the start of construction.

The standard height for all fencing and swing gates will be five feet. There will be five double swing gate arrangements.

In total it will be approximately 5,175 linear feet of perimeter fencing for the Fairview Cemetery.

The fence should take 90-120 days until it is completed.