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Editor’s Note 8/03/2012

We had several people find the missing poem we had on page 1 last week that includes the words “They Never Boo a Bum” including Pat Watson and Linda Glimpse. Several different titles have been attributed to it including “The Way of the Mob” and “Open letter to Ted Williams” by Grant Rice.

We don’t want to infringe on any copyright issues so if you are interested in finding it, we suggest Googling “They Never Boo a Bum”. It comes up about third on google.

Thank you everyone for your interest. Tom Lepito said he has never slept so well finally getting the entire poem and plans to send it to Bob Costas.

Have you been watching the Olympic Games? I know I certainly have. I am never happy with the Olympic coverage although I will admit it is a little better this year.

I still believe the Opening Ceremonies and other events should be shown live. Those who cannot see them live should be able to watch them again at night. Since the results are all over the web, why not see them live? Most other countries show the events live. The United States holds back to get money from advertising. I don’t think it is practical.

Every time I watch the Olympics I wish I could have participated. Growing up I thought I could have been a cyclist. Later on in life I thought playing water polo would have been cool. Now, I think I would be an air gun shooter or archer. I think now I’m just too lazy to dream about doing something too active. I don’t have the energy. If you could, what sport would you like to compete in?

Did you have the chance to go to the Walnut Hill Rose Garden and listen to the sun boxes? It was definitely something to experience. Hopefully, they will return again and more people can enjoy them.

Learning was certainly part of our news this week. If you had issues in school you can still get a good profession. The OIC in New Britain is amazing. Read about the FO’REAL program on page 1.

And another great high school program celebrated 25 years. The ConnCAP program is also special.

Two great programs helping our youngsters go farther in life. Only in New Britain are there such special programs.

My funny thought from Facebook is “I don’t want to brag or make anyone jealous but…I can still fit into the earrings I wore in high school.”

Wow, I can too. I’m thrilled that something still fits from high school.

Until next week keep your earrings close by for good memories and keep reading YOUR #1 Weekly newspaper!