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I can’t seem to get past the rudeness of Kansas City fans to Robinson Cano during the home run derby.

I understand Cano did not choose Billy Butler of the Royals, but is it necessary to go so overboard? I’ve never been a big fan of booing players. I even boo very few Red Sox players. Although a few I can’t resist.

It’s mean spirited to harass a player who is just doing his best on the field.

Once in a while a player deserves it, but not to the extent Kansas City fans went to. I will not boo their players in return. I will just boo their City as a whole.

In the derby, I must admit Cano was bad. I tied him and I didn’t even take one at bat.

I have to say the Yankees are looking good though. I’m shocked. As I write this the Yanks are 8 games ahead of Baltimore. I never imagined Baltimore would be in second place in July. Tampa Bay and Boston are not much further back.

I found a few great home run stats. The Yanks are still 52-20 when homering in a game and 37-9 when they homer more than once. That’s why they are called the Bronx Bombers.

Is it time to move Alex Rodriguez to designated hitter? Rodriguez’s batting stats are better when he’s the designated hitter. He is batting .353 when he DH’s and .243 when he plays third. He is batting .270 overall.

At the beginning of the season I told you all to watch out for Russell Martin. With a batting average at .178, he has the worst average of any catcher in the last 60 years as a Yankee. If he does not pick it up, it may go down as the worst ever in any team history.

This coming weekend the Yankees are in Oakland. I see some tough match-ups. The A’s are hot right now. They are hotter than New York and should not be overlooked. Considering we are away, we may only grab one game.

Don’t expect to see the Yankees pick up much at the trading deadline either. GM Brian Cashman said he is happy with the team.

As long as they continue to win, all of us fans are happy too.