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As a New York Yankee fan I try to rarely write about the Boston Red Sox. I don’t like people who do nothing but bash another team and I won’t be one of them.

But this week I must open with a comment. I think the Sox should have gotten rid on Bobby Valentine and kept Kevin Youkilis. In nine seasons with Boston, Youkilis batted .287 with 133 home runs and 564 RBI. He was a three-time All-Star and finished third in the MVP voting in 2008. I think Youk still has a lot left. I hated every time he came to bat against us. He never was an easy out. I expect him to be tough the second half of this season.

Valentine on the other hand has been a hindrance to the Sox so far in my opinion. I’m not sold on him as a manager. I think Boston can do better.

Okay, so now, how bout them Yankees? This week was odd. We win 10 straight. We lose 3 straight.

I’m glad to be in first, but the Yankees need a lot more help. They can’t continue to leave runners in scoring position with one out and get nothing. That is not the way to win games.

The Yankees look erratic. The home runs are there (number 1 in the league) but key hits are lousy. And pitching was iffy last week.

I’m glad inter-league is over even though the Yanks were 13-5.

Now comes the important part of the season. We are nearing the middle of the season. A lot of games are coming against American League East teams. This is where we really need to see wins.

I’m still not happy with David Robertson. His Houdini act continues to make me nervous every time he pitches. I can’t figure out why so many fans like him.

I must comment on a poll that was recently released. It named the top 3 most hated players in the major leagues. Former New Britain Rock Cat A.J. Pierzynski was number 1 followed by Alex Rodriguez and Nick Swisher. That’s right Nick Swisher.

A-Rod is a logical choice. But, how can anyone not like Swisher? I watched him closely this past weekend. All I can figure is that he is so happy and emotional. He has a big smile when he gets a hit or makes a good play. I think that must annoy other people.

I don’t care what anyone thinks, he is one of my favorite players. He is Swishalicious!!