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Editor’s Note 6-15-2012

This week my column starts off with outrage. I heard on the news that Darien schools are the richest in the country. If that is the case, they should be giving New Britain schools some of their state tax dollars. I don’t care if it’s $10. New Britain needs it more. Maybe, they should even consider giving cities like New Britain 10 percent of their own town dollars.

How dare one city in the state be first in the country while cities like New Britain suffer! It’s incomprehensible.

The second thing that caught my attention this week is giving out fines for swearing in public in Massachusetts. Once in a while a bad word may come out of someone’s mouth and I don’t think it is a big deal. But, when I hear “F” this and “F” that in every other word I am disgusted. There is no need for it. Free speech should not mean constant swearing, especially in front of children, is alright. Do you agree?

Okay, that’s it with my personal opinions for the week. I’m done. I promise. Now, on to better news.

I am excited to tell everyone that we have a sponsor for our City Health page. The Hospital of Central Connecticut has agreed to sponsor it each week. We are glad to have them aboard. Who better? I can think of no one. Welcome Aboard!

Our streetscape project is moving along as you can read about it on page 1. I have heard many people talk about what they would like done. The public hearing is your chance to speak up. Don’t miss it on June 18.

The newest column from Sharon Beloin-Saavedra, school board president, is on this page and is a must read. I enjoy our vast array of columnists. They add something new and different each week.

Our CCSU page is back this week on page 7. Even in June a lot is happening there. It sure is a busy place. We are lucky to have it in our City.

Of course sports, leisure and recipes are here again this week. As always, we keep you informed on everything New Britain. Is there any better place?

It’s time for my Funny Thought/Joke from Facebook. It seems everyone is reading this. I get more comments about our joke than almost anything else.

Wife looking in a mirror: “I feel terrible. I look fat and ugly. Honey, I need you to give me a compliment.”

Husband: “Your eyesight is perfect!”

Ooh, that hurts! Slap that man.

Until next week, watch what you say to your spouse and keep reading YOUR #1 Weekly Newspaper!