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Your Library Stories Saved the Day

Stories – we know about stories at the library. The library is a place of stories – in books, in the Local History Room, in photos, in newspapers, in magazines. And who doesn’t like a story?

But the most important stories are the stories we heard in the past few weeks and at the recent budget hearing. These were your stories of what the library means to you.

We heard from families who came frequently to the library to enjoy the story hours in the Children’s Department, and from the moms who connected with other moms while their kids socialized with other kids at Time for Tots.

There were stories of those who lost their jobs and use the library to search for jobs, create their resumes and fill out applications. And we heard from those who got a job by using the library’s resources.

We heard from families in which both parents are jobless. They would come to the library to borrow movies because it was an inexpensive and a healthy way to amuse the kids at home.

There was the young woman, who shared that she practices her Spanish using the Spanish fiction section and the person learning English who studies by reading a book while listening to the story on CD.

Another young woman shared how she was able to survive rough times at home by going to the library because it provided a physical and intellectual escape.

We heard from the family whose dad has been unemployed for close to 2 years and with their limited they had to make many cuts in their spending. They used the library as a resource for entertainment and education and it made a substantial difference in their quality of life.

A senior with failing eyesight shared how glad she is to still have stories in her life by listening to books on CDs.

Another parent shared her appreciation that the library is a safe and friendly place where her teens spend their time productively.

Seniors talked about coming to the classic movies and having the opportunity to socialize with other seniors.

Homeschool families visited the library frequently for resources to teach their children.

These are only a few stories. There were many more. We couldn’t have told them better. Your tremendous outpouring of support, getting out the word and your stories told the importance of the library to you and the community during our recent proposed budget cut.

Thank you for everything that you did. You made a difference, came to the library’s rescue and saved the day! Let’s keep making those stories together.