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O’Brien Hopes to Name the New Police Building After Chief

Police Chief William Gagliardi announced his retirement to be effective on July 1st. Chief Gagliardi has served on the New Britain police department for 41 years, and has served as Chief for six years.

“The Chief has worked hard to build up the quality of life in our neighborhoods for many years. He’s worked hard at building healthy and lasting relationships with the different communities in New Britain. Chief Gagliardi is clearly a guy who not only cares deeply about public safety but loves New Britain,” stated Mayor Timothy O’Brien.

“He’s had to work under some tough conditions, down significant staff, and did so with professionalism and efficiency,” said the mayor. One of the biggest challenges Gagliardi faced was a depleted police force. There had been a hiring freeze going back to 2009, which O’Brien lifted soon after assuming office, which put a stress on the department to cover all the shifts. The police force is down approximately 40 officers. “The Chief fought hard for his department and knew what was best for public safety. We have some big shoes to fill.”

“Because of his long and distinguished career, I will be asking for the new police station to be named after him.” O’Brien said. “He has worked hard to get that project off the ground and now the future police department will have state of the art facilities.

“Chief Gagliardi is a great man who had a positive influence on our community, bringing its neighborhoods and people together,” said Alderwoman Suzanne Bielinski, Majority Leader of the Common Council and liaison to the police department. “He brought millions of grant dollars into the city and worked diligently to keep New Britain safe. I am sad to see him leave but wish him well in retirement.”

Alderman Willie Pabon, and former Police Commissioner believes Chief Gagliardi is one of the best chiefs the city has ever had. “It was a great pleasure working with him. For 41 years he’s been active in the community and is well respected by the public.”

“Chief Gagliardi’s paramount concern has always been the safety and well-being of the citizens of our city,” said Alderman Carlo Carlozzi. “I have known the Chief most of my life and have known him to always be a man of honor and integrity. He will be deeply missed and I wish him all the best on his well-earned retirement,” Carlozzi said.

The Chief’s pension will be $78,639.95 annually or $6,553.33 monthly for 41.18 years of service. Mayor O’Brien said as soon as he was notified by the Chief of his plans to retire July 1st he began looking for a replacement. That process is continuing and it is expected that an appointment will be made by July 1st.