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TD Bank Fishing Derby Winners are Announced

The New Britain Parks and Recreation Department announced today the winners of the TD Bank Fishing Derby held on Saturday, April 14 at Doerr Pond at Martha Hart Park. This Fishing Derby was opened to both children and adults for the sixth time in over 16 years. The New Britain Parks and Recreation Department reported 125 youth registered for the derby as well as 25 adults. The anglers worked hard to catch as many fish as they could in the three hour time limit and their hard work paid off – nearly 200 fish were snagged! Along with catching nearly 200 fish, 6 tagged fish were aught for a total of $475 worth of saving bonds were given out. Almost every type of bait used was successful in attracting a strike or a catch, most popular being worms and grubs. Other favorites included power bait, lures, and corn.

Many individuals and organizations contributed to the success of the 2012 TD Bank Derby. Ken Girardin of Precision Scale once again provided use of one of his electronic scales to weigh and measure fish caught during the derby. New Britain EMS was present to provide help should any injuries or accidents occur, none did. Jingles the Clown provided entertainment while results were being tallied. Volunteers from “Light House Family Worship Center” Church of God helped children by hooking worms and fixing lines.

TD Bank was the Title Sponsor and contributed $1500 to cover the expense of stocking the pond with 250 Rainbow and Brook Trout. Gold Sponsors who donated $200 was Oliver Stewart, and Leaves and Pages. Silver Sponsors who donated $150- $100 were Vinci’s Catering & Concessions, Franco American War Veterans, and Colossale Concrete. Bronze Sponsors who donated $50 were Art and Claudia Helfgott, Captain Al’s Kitchen, Club 48 AC, Connecticut Bassmen, and Gayle West. Vendor sponsors who contributed in-kind donations for the gift bag give-aways were: Little’s Bait and Tackle, and Avery’s Beverages. All pre-registered participants received a gift bag the day of the derby. In addition to those donations, “Light House Family Worship Center” Church of God donated over $600 of stocked tackled boxes and fishing poles with reels.

Thirty-two contestants were given prizes. Winners selected their own prize from a table of sporting goods and equipment such as rods, reels, tackle boxes, nets, stringers, worm boxes, etc. Winners who did not pick up their prize during the derby can come till Monday April 30th to the Parks and Recreation Office, City Hall, Room 302, 27 West Main Street Monday-Friday from 8:15 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. to claim their prize.

Winners of the Tagged Fish were Nicolette Saunders, Vincent Corvia, Kailin Javinett, Jaden Slipski, and Anthony Corvia Jr. receiving Savings Bond ranging from $50-$100. Each age division of the Derby had 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners for most fish, longest fish and heaviest fish. The winners are as follows:

2012 Fishing Derby Prize and Tagged Fish Winner

Under 5 Division Winners

First Place – Most Fish – Trevor Feliciano

Second Place – Most Fish – NONE

Third Place – Most Fish – NONE

First Place – Heaviest Fish – Dominic Hevr

Second Place – Heaviest Fish – Mya Kenny

Third Place – Heaviest Fish – NONE

First Place – Longest Fish – Nazir Russell

Second Place – Longest Fish – Lawrence Callaway III

Third Place – Longest Fish – NONE

5-8 Division Winners

First Place – Most Fish – Zachery Slater

Second Place – Most Fish – Austin Melendez

Third Place – Most Fish – Sahvon Valentine

First Place – Heaviest Fish – Anthony Corvia

Second Place – Heaviest Fish – Juliette Nguyen

Third Place – Heaviest Fish – Michael Figueroa

First Place – Longest Fish – Jaime Julia

Second Place – Longest Fish – Melina Bekker, Vincent Corvia, Kailin Javinett

Third Place – Longest Fish – Teresa Carlton

9-12 Division Winners

First Place – Most Fish – Jaden Slipski

Second Place – Most Fish – Jennifer Chassey

Third Place – Most Fish – Isabella Melendez

First Place – Heaviest Fish – Alyssa Nguyen

Second Place – Heaviest Fish – Ashley Vazquez

Third Place – Heaviest Fish – Niko Fusko

First Place – Longest Fish – Nicolette Saunders

Second Place – Longest Fish – Austin Grey

Third Place – Longest Fish – Charisse Webster

13-15 Division Winners

First Place – Most Fish – Eric Leblon

Second Place – Most Fish – NONE

Third Place – Most Fish – NONE

First Place – Heaviest Fish – Melly Melendez

Second Place – Heaviest Fish – NONE

Third Place – Heaviest Fish – NONE

First Place – Longest Fish – Shawn Konopka

Second Place – Longest Fish – NONE

Third Place – Longest Fish – NONE

Adult Division Winners

First Place – Most Fish – Melvin Melendez


Tagged Fish Winners

1. Nicolette Saunders – $75 from Colossale Concrete

2. Nicolette Saunders – $50 from Franco American War Veterans

3. Vincent Corvia – $100 from Oliver L. Stewart

4. Kailin Javinett – $50 from Oliver L. Stewart

5. Jaden Slipski – $100 from Leaves and Pages

6. Anthony Corvia Jr. – $100 from Vinci’s Catering & Concessions


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