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Hoops Showdown

Hey New Britain, it’s been awhile, but it’s Matt and Debbie again! Last week, HALS Academy held its last home basketball game this season. Every week, the middle schools in New Britain compete against one another in basketball. This week it was HALS vs. Slade, and boy, was it a nail biter.

Of course, we all knew it would be; Slade is number one in the district while HALS is second. All of the players are astoundingly talented! We’d take a game at HALS over an NBA game any day and, as is evident in the anticipation and enjoyment in students’ eyes last Thursday, we think that the rest of the crowd would have, too.

It was an interesting thing having the skilled Slade stars and their classmates enter our school. We are a small school, so whenever we see a new face in the hallway, we get excited. We had the opportunity to see old elementary friends battle our new middle school pals via a basketball.

There was yelling and cheering and excitement the entire time! The girls’ game was a close one. You couldn’t be sure who would have won at any given time; the scores went back and forth like a see-saw. The tension throughout the close game was palpable.

The boys game was also close. However, the Slade kids had the upper hand. When asked, our players admitted that Slade was more experienced and were better as a team. They worked well together.

Jordan Schiller, a HALS student, was even painted blue for the occasion! He could be seen running across the gym trying to excite the crowd. During the game’s half time, he got the crowd riled when he danced to “Sexy and I Know it.” Everybody laughed! The entire student body was encouraged to come and root for their school. Our team has been known to do better when they’re being cheered on. The amount of students that were present from both schools was tremendous. Supporters for both teams were chanting with pride.

Unfortunately, you can’t win every game. Both the HALS boys and the girls lost, but we must say, the scores were close and it was an amazing game. We have to hand it to Slade, you guys did a bang up job.