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YMCA Celebrates Career Day

It was a day meant to inspire and create thought at the New Britain YMCA Wednesday as youth listened to various speakers during Career Day.

“The purpose is to help expose the kids to different careers and jobs in our City,” said Lily Ziegler, youth and family services director. “They get to see all the positives of being a New Britain Firefighter, a New Britain Police Officer or Mayor.”

Among those in attendance were some firefighters, Off. Carol Zesut, Mayor Tim O’Brien, business managers and former Mayor William McNamara.

Zesut told students about not being a bully, how to recognize an officer and the importance reading is on being a police officer. She told the students, who were in awe, that it took one year or 365 days to learn to be a police officer.

“We work on holidays and Christmas too,” Zesut added. “They all get a stickers and a bookmark about not bullying and not doing drugs.”

McNamara spoke on the importance of staying in school and all the things he did prior to becoming mayor such as being in the army and being a teacher. He said the students taught him some things too.

“They spoke to me in Chinese,” McNamara said. “They said ‘how are you?’ and ‘thank you’ and other basic words.”

“I’m telling them what being a mayor is all about and what its responsibilities are all about,” said Mayor O’Brien. “I’m telling them about the community and that they are part of it.”

This is the second year for Career Day at the YMCA.

“We want them to learn about a variety of things,” said Ziegler. “It all helps them to stay in school.”