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“Transparency” Resolution Passes

A resolution the Democratic Aldermen said that showed “transparency” in the council passed Wednesday after much discussion.
Alderman David DeFronzo proposed a resolution that called for a written report to be included in the council agenda for payments made by or on behalf of the city to any private for profit entity working on the council.
”It’s important to work together,” said DeFronzo. “I hope this will be viewed as a compromise.”
During a council meeting two weeks ago, the Democratic majority tried to put a resolution through that halted payments made to anyone on the council for work they do through the city under “no-bid” contracts for 90 days.
It failed as Republican councilmen said it was an attack against Republican Aldermen Mark Bernacki, who owns Sir Speedy Printing and Willie Pabon, who owns the New Britain Fence Company.
Robert Curry, finance director, said at that meeting that there were no “no-bid” contracts.
“What this resolution calls for is already available,” said Alderman Lou Salvio. “Why this keeps appearing, I do not know. You can say this resolution in many ways, but it is still the same resolution.”
DeFronzo said that this resolution only makes it easier for information to be available.
“If you want transparency then it should include everybody,” said Alderman Mary Marrocco.
Pabon asked DeFronzo if he thought he and Bernacki were taking money from the city.
DeFronzo said he intended to make no judgment through this resolution.
“The way it is written, it only hits two of us,” said Bernacki. “Why not disclose non-profits? Why exempt those who work for the city. If it’s going to be put out there, then include everyone.”
Bernacki said having the information released just makes it easier to accuse people of something in future elections.
Alderman Michael Trueworthy said he owns a consulting business and has not made bids for city projects, but could have done so if he choose.
“This resolution started in November/December,” said Trueworthy. “This is the simplest version.”
An attempt to send the resolution to the administration, finance and law committee to include everyone, was made by the Republican Aldermen, but failed.
The resolution made by Alderman DeFronzo passed 10-4 across party lines.