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Suspicious Package Negative (update)

Mayor Tim O’Brien Confirmed Sunday that the white powdery substance found at City Hall Friday morning is negative.

The City Hall will be open on Monday.

“We had the test results and it came back negative. I spoke with Dr. (Eugene) Ciccone, health director and on his advice we are opening up City Hall,” said O’Brien.

He said it is still the subject of an investigation and the FBI is working on it.

“I want to give them the space to handle it,” said O’Brien.

O’Brien would not say where the powder was delivered from.

An envelope was found delivered to City Hall Friday morning around 9:30 a.m. The City Hall building and the board of education offices were evacuated. O’Brien said that it is probably a hoax, but sending the substance is still a crime. One of the mayor’s secretaries opened the envelope.

Photo shows the Mayor’s staff on the 2nd floor waiting for emergency personnel to arrive. More news as it becomes available.